dbgeiger - sculptor


Houses and Homes -

(a continuing series of houses) kiln-cast glass, possible additions of bronze, gold leaf, copper, resin, etc.

  (Large - 3.25”h x 3.25”w x 4”d)

(Small -2.5”h x 2.75”w x 3.25”d)

2009 - continuing

LARGE houses_and_homes_large.html

Houses & Homes

A house and a home are very different entities.  Even though our houses may all appear very different, if you ask most children and adults to sketch one, a basic Cape Cod house appears on the page.  These glass houses all start with the same basic form. That house form is then worked by changing colors, textures, and making modifications, renovations and apparent flaws. It is what we bring to our houses that makes them homes. Some look perfect, yet are devoid of any soul, or may seem to be masking something inside. Others are skewed, or damaged to varying degrees, yet all show the colors and textures of the lives lived there.